About Us

Sonali Yoga School

Founded by the Yoga experts (ERYT) Nirav Jani & (RYT) Sonali Patwa, “Sonali Yoga School” is associated with Yoga Alliance (USA). We offer Personalised as well as Group Yoga classes and yoga training for corporates. The personalised Yoga programmes are designed as per individual’s physical & psychological requirements and can be provided at the practitioner’s home or at the studio. The scheduled group yoga classes can be provided at Sonali Yoga Studio or Corporate’s Office or Society premises.

We teach all kinds of Yoga styles viz. Ashtang Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Trapeze (also called as fly/ Aerial / Suspended Yoga), Pre Natal + Post Natal Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Children Yoga and Yoga for prevention and cure* of Obesity, Diabetes, Spondylitis, Cancer, Blood Pressure, feats, Hypo-Thyroid, Hyper-Thyroid, Arthritis, Vericose Veins, Stress, Insomnia & Anaemia.

    One of our key offerings is the “Teacher Training Programme” – RYT 200hrs basic (level-1).

Through this Programme you can learn basic yoga Asana as per Scriptures, Bhagwad Geeta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Human Anatomy, Pranayam and Meditation.

Besides the basic styles you will learn advanced yoga styles (recognised by all over world) like Gentle Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Jivmukati Yoga etc.

With the help of this certification you can teach Yoga globally.

*Disclaimer : Though Yoga definitely helps in prevention and cure of most of the diseases, a lot depends on diet, environmental conditions, discipline, stage of disease, Genes and other factors that are not in our control and hence no guarantee can be given from Sonali Yoga School.